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What a fantastic way to interact with friends over zoom, whilst feeling as if you are really with them in person at a private wine & cheese tasting - the highlight of my year!


Ladies night re-defined! Thank you TwelveDegrees °Co for bringing me and my best gal pals together over some wine, cheese & overall a great time. Exceeded our Expectations!


Thank you both sooo very much for putting on an awesome night of knowledge, beautiful cheeses and some wines that I had never tried and loved! Just an awesome way to spend a Friday night!


From the moment your stylish package arrives to the very last bite and sip, this was a cheese and wine journey like no other. There’s no snobbery. Just knowledge, humour & absolutely delicious cheeses and wines! Best fun you can have with your friends at home! Thanks TwelveDegrees °Co - loved it!!


Thank you for a wonderful afternoon wandering through local wines and some rather gorgeous cheeses - we had a fantastic time. So much so we're still on a video chat talking through the various 'courses'! We'd gladly enjoy your future virtual adventures around the world.

Andrew & Heidi

Thank you for a fabulous night. The girls and I are in complete agreement – we loved your fun facts & quick quizzes, was very interesting without being snobby or wanky. Wines & cheeses were delicious and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. You’ve done a fantastic job!


We had an absolute blast. It was by far our most fun night on zoom for the 6 months of lockdown. Nikki & Sonia were awesome with great stories, a fantastic sense of humour and some really great knowledge of wine and cheese. We felt like we’d just met some friends of some friends who were asked to look after us for the night and show us around their area.

Guy & Claudia

This was the third zoom wine tasting we did and definitely by far the best. I would do this again with you any time, even after lockdown! We loved the stories and how fun you made it. It was nice to have a wine tasting where it's not all about the "hints of black pepper, cherry, bee humming" - just interesting facts and fun stories.

Chris & Shari

Thank you both very much! We had a wonderful evening. The wines and cheese were great and we loved the presentation of the wine bottles and packs. You were fantastic hosts, we loved the playlist too and look forward to doing it again!

Jess & Tim
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